Anger Issues

Anger is a necessary and adaptive emotion and can be a rational response to things that we don’t like or can’t control. However, it can also develop into something more problematic and unhelpful.

If anger seems to arise too readily or is prolonged, then it can damage your relationships and your wellbeing. While often seen as a condition impacting men, women can also experience an anger disorder.

Signs you may have an anger disorder include:

  • regular excessive irritability or intolerance of others
  • anger is your first response to feelings such as disappointment, sadness, frustration or confusion 
  • temper tantrums, tirades and rage
  • tremors, tingling, heart palpitations and chest tightness
  • frequent verbal or physical conflict
  • threatening behaviour
  • aggression or violence toward people, animals or property
  • feeling remorseful after expressing your anger
  • not remembering much of what was said during arguments

How we support you

If anger is beginning to control your life or relationships, we can work with you to identify the reasons why your anger is triggered and to understand how you behave when angry. We know it can be hard to face aspects of your anger, so we ensure a safe, non-judgemental environment that encourages you to speak about any difficult personal issues. We also know a treatment approach that works for one person won’t necessarily work for another, so we work with you to decide on a treatment plan which fits your needs and lifestyle.