How We Help

Counselling provided by a registered psychologist can help with a broad range of psychological difficulties and challenges. Many people who are suffering from anxiety or depression experience lasting relief from psychological counselling. Counselling can help reduce distress associated with grief, acute or complex trauma, addictive behaviours, and chronic pain. Clients also consult with psychologists for support in achieving personal goals, managing life transitions and improving relationships at home or in the workplace.

Most forms of psychological treatment are aimed at helping individuals understand and change the interaction between their behaviours, emotions, thoughts and memories. This means that when we learn to make a change to one of these psychological elements, often the other elements change too. Therefore, each therapeutic approach tends to prioritise change in one of these elements with the goal of improving overall wellbeing.

At Peyton Psychology, we believe everyone is an individual, with their own unique experiences, needs and beliefs, so we offer a range of therapeutic approaches and treatment options that can be adapted to cater for your needs, including: