Relationship and Couples Counselling

Challenges or conflict in intimate relationships can arise from either crisis events or slowly emerge over a period of time.

Even the best of relationships can encounter situations in which one or both partners feel their needs don’t align with those of the other – leading to feelings of disappointment, confusion, insecurity, rejection and resentment. Without the right skills and understanding, conflict can easily become habitual, making it even more difficult for partners to objectively understand what is taking place and how they can work their way through it. This is where relationship or couples counselling can help.

Reasons to consider Couples Counselling

  • you frequently bicker or fight over anything 
  • there is ongoing underlying tension and you feel disconnected from each other
  • you find yourselves arguing about the same sticking points repeatedly 
  • you don’t feel heard or that your needs don’t matter
  • sex or physical intimacy is no longer enjoyable or even on your mind
  • you can’t agree on significant matters such as careers, housing, children or finances
  • you both want different things from the relationship
  • you’re having a physical or emotional affair, you’re thinking about having one or you suspect your partner is
  • you feel a discontent or unhappiness and can’t discuss it with your partner

How we support you

Our aim is to help you work through your differences so that you can recover the delight, happiness and fulfilment of an intimate relationship. We recognise that each relationship is unique and each individual brings with them a history of experience that informs how they relate to a significant other. We support you to understand the role that past experiences play in your current relationship dynamic and help you work through any underlying issues that may be undermining your ability to connect on a deep level.